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The MXR Collection brings together amazing talent into a collaborative effort, developing world-class gourmet liquids.

Blue I.C. by CKEMIST

A thirst quenching, refreshing and deliciously sweet blue raspberry slush. The perfect treat for the summer heat.

Hummingbird by JARVIS

This blend of sweet native tobacco is not only reminiscent of its native ancestry, but is smooth and sweet enough to become an all day vape for any tobacco lover.

Ambrosia by Kopel

This fruity ambrosia salad is filled with oranges, pineapple and cherries. Hints of bright apple and dark berries, all in a whipped cream base.

Doughtnut Royale by Steam

A soft and fluffy moist doughnut filled with rich custard and gently drizzled with butterscotch. The perfect pairing for your favourite coffee.

Mango Lassi by CKEMIST

Escape to exotic India with every inhale and exhale. This mango yogurt smoothie is a delight also found in many nations throughout southern Asia. No passport required.

Island Breezy by JARVIS

A tropical fruit mix of jackfruit, pineapple, mango, a hint of banana and a blood orange twist, with crushed ice.

Cabana by Kopel

A sweet and tangy tropical cocktail with fresh mango, bright orange, dark spiced rum, and a whipped cream finish is perfect for an all-day vape any time of year.


Taste the fruit shrapnel of an explosion of tropical fruit. Mango, papaya and melons drizzled with sweet creamy yogurt.

Woodsman by CKEMIST

This uniquely well balanced recipe of cream, wood, spice and a light tobacco undertone is the perfect blend for the lovers of the great outdoors.

Purple Gubblebum by JARVIS

A childhood classic that never gets old. Take a break from your day, put up your feet and enjoy the trip down memory lane.

Sakura by Kopel

A sweet cherry blossom candy, with hints of hibiscus tea and raspberry. All topped off with a sweet powdered sugar finish that’s sure to satisfy the discerning sweet tooth.

Tony’s Revenge by Steam

Connect with your inner child and be 10 years old again. Savour the leftover milk from a bowl of frosted cereal.


The MXR Collection brings together amazing talent into a collaborative effort to satisfy your demanding palate.

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